Benedicts 101


Eggs are great for breakfast and you can cook it in many different ways one of these is poaching and with poached eggs you can make eggs benedict which is an american brunch or breakfast consisting of english muffin, bacon/ham, poached egg and hollandaise.  Making benedict is very easy and can make your morning breakfast extra special. So here is my Egg Benedict


What is hollandaise? If you search in google it tells you that it is a emulsified sauce made from egg yolks and butter. It has the same method when you do your own homemade mayonnaise you just need to whip your yolks continuously but in making this sauce you need to incorporate heat. In making this sauce you need a double boiler or a pot of simmering water and a mixing bowl, whisk your yolks continuously and pour your melted butter little by little. Remove the mixture from heat every few seconds and continuously whisk it as it thickens the mixture. When it is done just add pinches of salt, paprika and mustard powder and squeeze some lemon juice then mix it again. Make sure you don’t overcook it or else you will end up with a scrambled egg yolk.


Poached Eggs

There are lots of ways cooking your eggs and one of this is poaching. Poaching your eggs is basically boiling your eggs without or outside the shell. It the same thing when you are cooking your instant noodles and you want some egg into it but you want the yolk intact. The method in poaching your eggs is very easy all you need is simmering water in a pan and add some vinegar. Mix the water into circular motion before you drop the egg, through this your egg will be form in the center as you cooking. Cook the egg for a minute but make sure you won’t over cook it because we need a runny egg for benedicts!


Bread and other Base

Benedicts are made from poached eggs and english muffins top with hollandaise sauce and some bacon or smoke meats. It is essential for benedicts to have a piece of bread which is english muffin but there are places that you can’t buy these things but you can replace it with other kind of bread. But for me I will use pan de sal which is very staple and cheap in my place and it is must for Filipinos to have some pan de sal in their breakfast.  For your healthy options you can replace your bread into vegetables such avocado, tomato and mushroom but you can always discover it by yourself.



Smoke salmon/ham, bacon, proscuitto, panceta, salami, pepperoni, corned beef, pulled meat, cheese and other toppings you want. Anything will fit for this breakfast as it needed some of these for extra taste and flavor because eggs and hollandaise is just too plain and you always need something for it. For your healthy options you add some avocado or diced cherry tomatoes or you can always rediscover it for yourself.




Note: I do not own any of the photos that I use  for this chart. Credits goes to the owners.




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