Pigout and Fun!

It was a great and fun filled week for me, my friends and family! Done lots of things such making food, meeting my celebrity crushes,  eating out, getting drunk, wedding day, movie time and jamming with Bamboo.

So I start my week by making some new things to cook. So I decided to cook this Shrimp Patty Tower which is basically a chopped or sliced shrimps, cabbage, flour, egg and spices. I made it by layering it with cheese and some cabbage plus the chilli sauce I made with the used of go chu jang. It is an easy, quick and light food that you can have for dinner or lunch and can be paired with steamed rice or salad.

The other day after my mom asked me to buy some pan de sal in the market and I decided to make some Hamdesal.  Basically it was a bite size ham and cheese sandwich  with some slaw and spicy tuna mayo. It was my bfast treat for my brother and father before going out to do my things.

In the morning I go out to complete my requirements for the final interview in Dubai then I met up with Kring2 after 6 mos. We chat, eat and watch despicable me 2!

Friday evening my mom cooked an adobo with livers and gizzards which is one of my favorite! But due to my diet I didn’t eat that night but decided to take out some liver and mashed it, place it in a small round shape container then suddenly I was making a Faux Foie Gras made from chicken liver. I added some cayenne pepper for spice and kick and some butter for the creaminess then press it till compact then place it in the fridge overnight. Saturday  morning I woke up early to fry the liver which I made last friday night. I coat it with flour and cayenne pepper  I also poached an egg and made a balsamic reduction sauce to pair up with the liver. So here’s the result. It was a bad plating but the food is tastes good! :))

After doing this I prepare my things  for the wedding day of one of my HS Best Friends Amiel and her bride Kelly. It was simple but memorable wedding plus the christening of their baby France Elijah. We had great time with each other that day because the WEIRDOZ were complete. We ate or should I call it pigout on that day then we had good chat, catching up things about each other because we don’t know when will be our next time to meet each other and be complete as weirdoz again.


IMAG0168  IMAG0166-1

France Elijah Christening


Photo Boot Pics with Weirdoz and Kelly!:)

amiel 001

amiel 002


After the party me and my friends goes to Marquee Mall to watch and see Georgina Wilson and Sam Pinto in the runway of Style Origin. We waited for atleast 2 and half hours for the program start but got disappointed with Georgina because we only see her once for 30 seconds only. Good thing Bamboo light up everything with his hit songs Tatsulok, Probinsyana and Hallelujah  but sad thing my phone got fucked up! My phone’s battery is empty and I don’t have picture of Georgina and Sam. 😦

After he performed we go back to the venue of the wedding for another event which is Amiel’s niece’s birthday party. Pigout again then had a little drink by the pool but sad to say most of us got all wasted and I’m one of them! At the end of the day, we all say goodbyes and thank you’s with each other for we had a great time that day and it was one of the memorable day we had as best buds!

Sunday which is our Family Day. Still had a hangover due to over drinking last Saturday night  and my body’s feels so heavy and I had runny nose in the morning. It was a quite day and cloudy that’s why my mom decided to go Marquee Mall to buy some things but ended up buying nothing. Me I had my haircut! It was long queue and my stylist is very busy but still he manage to give me a good cut which I wanted. After my haircut we go to a Korean Restaurant(Jung Yun) in  Friendship Balibago, Angeles City to try something new. First my parents kinda feel uncomfortable with the place plus the table we got doesn’t have and chair and we seated in the tiled floor like having a tea time. We ordered Samgyupsal, Galbi Jjim, Bulgogi, Ramyun, Kimbab and the mackerel fish! It was my first time actually eating out in a korean resto and I had great time and food today! I pigout most of the pork belly which very cheap (170 per serving free side dishes) and the galbi jjim is great! the meat is tender and falling out of the bones.  The Bulgogi is also good not spicy but tasty then the usual ramyun and kimbab which are also good. The whole frying thing in the middle of the table completes everything! every mouthful bite of the samgyupsal is so good! It has different flavor, from spicy, sweet salty, the fermented taste from kimchi and pickled raddish the garlic and chili sauce! It was so good  and I’m gasping for air in my last bite.

IMG_20130707_195655 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 IMG_20130707_195642

To sum up everything, me, my friends and family had a great week and I’m so lost with my diet! No exercise for two days and all I’d done was eat and eat! and I waste all of my hardwork this past few weeks TT! But still I need to get in shape again start to workout tomorrow and will continue my diet but surely I will have this cheat days again soon!:))

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