Canned Goods: Fried Corned Beef

Here’s one of my canned goods to high end food! As staple everywhere and mostly in our country PH I decided to lift up the quality of one of the best selling canned goods in our country which is corned beef, popularized by the western countries brought here in Asia.  Corned beef is a salt-cured beef product. The term comes from the treatment of the meat with “corns” of salt. It features as an ingredient in many cuisines, including Jewish and Caribbean cuisines.(wiki) Nowadays corned beef were usually used for breakfast and can be bought in can, though some still do it the traditional way. It’s a staple food for everyone,  can be eat out of the can or heat/sauté it and add some diced potatoes or corn. Me, I decided to make my own version of fried corned beef and spiced it a little bit.

In this recipe I used our local corned beef which is Pure Foods Chunkee.(you can use other  local brands or international) . So this is how I made it, First in a non stick pan, sauté /simmer the corned beef until all the juice dried up(no oil and make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan). When done, set it aside then start sautéing the garlic until almost golden brown then add the corned beef.  Add some spices (Paprika, Cayenne Pepper), salt and pepper, then add more oil. Fry it until crispy, then you start adding your small onion ring and cook it for 1-2mins. When done cooking drain the excess oil. That’s it your fried corned beef!

Now start making it into something new like poaching an egg and adding some cheese on top of it. You can also try adding some chili flakes and fried garlic bits on top and some spices such basil or whatever you think that suits your corned beef. In some cases you can use it as your burger patty, just add some eggs and flour in it.

So here’s mine, I added some poached egg, dash of Korean Chili paste, cheese and used some of our premade chapatti.



That’s it! My own version of fried version which is good for breakfast or appetizer. Hope you learn something from this little things i post. Thank You! 🙂

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