Canned Goods: Nilanding Sardinas

Just a usual boring day after cooking our dinner for tonight I decided to do something new. I challenge my self to make this 555 sardine(in can) in to something classy, not your usual sardine but a high end one! Well as you know that in other countries they use sardines in gourmet cooking because it’s cheap and vast, easy to find anywhere. So here I made up my mind and start this challenge by having a creative mind so that I can bring it up to the next level!

So i started it by drying the sardines from the tomato sauce and then dredge it in flour with spices(Paprika,cayenne,chili,salt and pepper). Deep fried it for few seconds till crispy and golden brown. For the sauce, i used the tomato sauce from the sardines and give it a twist by sautéing it in garlic and onion then I add some herbs like oregano and basil,chili paste or chili flakes, lime juice and sugar.

In a semi deep plate/bowl, pour the sauce in it then arrange the sardines in the middle. Add some cheddar cheese(sharp) and mozzarella on top and some fresh basil leaves and fried garlic bits. Use blow torch to melt the cheese or you can put it inside your oven for few seconds or use a microwave.That’s it! My “Pasosyal” version of 555Sardines or call it “Nilanding Sardinas”! Ahaha.





Hope you like it and learned something. Lol.

2 responses to “Canned Goods: Nilanding Sardinas

  1. Interesting recipe and very creative! I love sardines, so I am going to have to try this out. Thanks for visiting my blog and following. Look forward to reading more on yours. Cheers, Mrs. J

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