L.A Bakeshop : Home of the Original Cheesebread


Heard of LA Bakeshop? Well if you haven’t I am telling you to see or visit one of its store which is located here in Pampanga. You’ll get to eat the most and best tasting cheese bread in town! It’s a small piece of bread(not the usual size) but the taste is different from usual cheese bread you see in your local bakery. With a small piece of bread, the taste was excellent, it is sweet, yummy, creamy and always freshly baked and hot. I don’t know how did the owner or the maker of the recipe made it! Sometimes I think  maybe they add more cream cheese or custard to it? ahah!To sum it up it’s the best cheese bread I had since birth!

Well it’s for you to judge the taste! Here’s the picture of the cheese bread that comes with a box which is good for take home or probably you use it for gift(for a change).


The price is quiet expensive(5Php/pc) from the ordinary cheese bread(2php/pc) but it worth it! You can’t say anything about it after you had eat one and also it’s cheaper than those pastries you can buy from the company owned pastry shops like red ribbon, breadtalk, goldilucks, etc.


You can also try their other products like the spanish bread which is not your typical bread. It’s in small size also but the filling inside makes it standout among the rest! And I think the creamy filling inside is made out of cream cheese or a custard? haha If you want to try it you can visit it in Angeles City Pampanga in front of Holy Angel University.

You can also go to the other branches in San Fernando City Pampanga that served other food such : Pancit “Maiya”, Chinese Pork Asado, Coco’s Special Fried Rice, Taiwanese Beef Mami, Caveman’s Shank, Beef A la Dione, Zach’s Twisted Salad, Pasta Nathalia.

Visit LA Bakeshop Facebook Page for more information.

Note: I do not own any image used in this post. All credit to the owner of the photos.

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